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Battle Illegal Robocalling


TELECOMIN is taking a more aggressive stance to help battle Illegal Robocalling practices and will block these calls. TELECOMIN is working with the Legal Authorities in identifying illegal Robocalling campaigns (Majorly Press1 campaigns) and taking appropriate action to these reports up to and including disconnecting abusive Carriers/Re-sellers/Users/Agents/Clients.


We will be monitoring all traffic & looking for invalid ANIs and will be not allow these calls to connect (Ex. ANIs like username, restricted, anonymous, less than 10 digits). This will also include spoofing (calls where the ANI and the DNIS contain the same NPA or using ANIs of other organization which is illegal and not acceptable).


When a Downstream carrier reports suspected illegal activities, we will block the ANI & DNIS and advise the Upstream carrier/carriers/Re-sellers/Users/Agents/Clients that sends the call(s) for the reported illegal activity to block the same at their end.
If you suspect any such traffic in your network, we advise you to block them as soon as possible.


Points to remember : -
1. Avoid press 1 campaign as its the main source of illegal activity
2. Any spoofed ANI traffic is not acceptable (spoofing ANI or using ANI of other organization is illegal and not acceptable)
3. Non verified ANI traffic can cause trouble in future / try sending your own ANI/ caller id.
4. Proper Dialer traffic stats should not fall below: ACD 28 seconds & ASR 45-48%
Continuing illegal practice may cause in blacklisting of Origination and its IPs and their clients IPs. Also, concern authorities may file case (legal action) against each party involved in incident.


Note: Authorities/telecom bodies has already filed case against few USA, Indian, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Australia ISPs terminating such traffic.