TelecomIn boasts over 60 premium Interconnects around the world


Offering 3 service plans to provide our customers with the perfect price & quality combination to meet every need
Premium / Standard / Dialer Terminations

About Us

Premium Wholesale Termination


Designed for quality driven carriers, resellers and users whose subscribers anticipate high  quality routes at competitive market  rates.  It ensures up to  +56 % ASR & from 4 to 12 minutes ACD with the perfect price & quality combination to meet every need
Standard Wholesale Termination


Designed for Providers and retail customers, who require stable quality coupled with aggressive market-base pricing.  It ensures up to 40 % ASR & from 2.5 to 6 minutes ACD

Call Center (Short Duration) Termination


Designed for Providers targeting Call-center traffic with aggressive pricing and quality ensuring high CPS